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Shoelace Washing Made Easy

The Laces LAUNDRY BALL™ is an innovative device that allows you to easily clean the laces of sneakers, and athletic footwear in the washer without the laces getting tangled with the washer mechanisms, or other clothes in the washer. No more need for soaking, or scrubbing laces by hand.

How It Works

Place the laces in one-half of the Laces LAUNDRY BALL™ ball. Simply snap the ball together and place it in the washer. Wash on any cycle. The Laces LAUNDRY BALL™ can even be added to a regular load of laundry. No special detergent is needed. Using your favorite detergent, set and forget.

The ball has slots that allows soap and water to enter the Laces LAUNDRY BALL™, while making sure the laces remain inside of the Laces LAUNDRY BALL™. The tabs inside of the ball add to washer agitation of the laces during the wash cycle to get your laces as clean as possible. When the wash is complete, you have the option of placing the Laces LAUNDRY BALL™ in the dryer on a low to medium setting, or simply hang dry your laces.

Having clean laces couldn't be easier.


Ladies, The Laces LAUNDRY BALL is also an EASY way to get your favorite Hair Ties, and "Scrunchies" cleaned. Simply place your hair ties or scrunchies into the ball. "Snap" the ball halves together; then toss the Laces LAUNDRY BALL into the washer with a normal load of laundry.

When the wash is complete, remove the Laces LAUNDRY BALL from the washer that contain your "Nice and Clean" hair ties or scrunchies. Let air dry, or toss the Laces LAUNDRY BALL into the dryer. The Laces LAUNDRY BALL is DRYER SAFE.

Because the hair ties or scrunchies stay contained in the Laces LAUNDRY BALL throughout the washer setting, there is no worry of losing your hair ties or scrunchies in the wash load.

So get yourHair Ties and "Scrunchies" out of the sink ladies, and try the Laces LAUNDRY BALL.